Kyiv Medical University of UAFM Ukraine

“Education is all a matter of building bridges.”
-Ralph Ellison



Name: Kyiv Medical University of UAFM Ukraine
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Year of foundation: 1992
Status: Private
Accreditation: IV
Document of completion: Diploma
Level of study: Bachelor, Masters Degree, Postgraduate, Doctorate
Students: 3200+
Teachers: 458+
Candidates of Science: 128+
Professors and Doctors of Science: 79+
Availability of free education: No
Hostel: Yes

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM



Years Fees
Ukrainian lang.

English lang.


General Medicine


2500 $

3500 $





2600 $

3800 $





2250 $

3100 $



Preparatory course


1200 $



Kyiv medical university with an excellent record of success and establishment is one of the premier medical institutes of Ukraine, the wise walls of the education firm was established in 1992 by Dr. PokanevichValeriy. The conventional idea of training method and department of research shares a comprehensive knowledge so that clinical environment could be understood in best possible ways. The main focus is to combine an attributes of folk medicine with regular one, the ways are much traditional and tie ups with European curriculum gives that edge to get them top on the podium. The reputation of teaching is very different and inclusion of contrasting aspects with no compromise with modern ethics and technology clears the ground with an array of ideas beside that implementation of methods are something more dynamic about an institute.

We at KMU consults to combine the universal doctrines that works to uphold the baton that is continuous and ever changing and we are proud to say that we are the only institute that deals with practical training in best medical environment. Beside that we provide awesome practice by sending students to Germany and Poland for Internship and training. The faculty members of our institutes’ counts 200 well qualified professionals and scientist who works to make better future for every student who wish to become a doctor, an aesthetic one.

The below mentioned information highlights the course that we look to offer to our aspirants who comes from across to partake on the quest of knowledge to become more then acceptable and dignified.

+ Dental Surgery Department headed by Tymofejev O

+ Department of Therapeutic Dentistry is headed by Professor Doroshenko SI, more renowned for his absolute implementation of most effective methods of traditional medicine.

+ Surgery Department is headed by Professor V. Skiba, much popular for his worldwide reputation and acknowledgements.

+ Department of tuberculosis is headed by Professor V. Melnik and rest of the departments are headed by well know scientists like professor of talc VI,

Accreditation and Licensing


When selecting a college or university and before committing any money to a postsecondary educational institution, it is important to determine whether or not the institution is “accredited.” Accreditation status can give you an indication of a university’s general quality and reputation. It is an affirmation that a college provides a quality of education that the general public has the right to expect and that the educational community recognizes. Accreditation provides assurance that the program in which you are enrolled or are considering enrolling is engaged in continuous review and improvement of its quality that it meets nationally endorsed standards in the profession, and that it is accountable for achieving what it sets out to do.

The Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with Level IV the highest level of accreditation for a higher educational Institute in Ukraine.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MES Ukraine) is the central body of executive power, is directed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

MES Ukraine is part of the executive branch and the main body of the central executive authorities to ensure the development and implementation of state policy in education and science, intellectual property, science, technology and innovation, information, formation and use of national electronic information resources, creating conditions for the development of the information society, as well as in state supervision (control) over the activities of educational institutions regardless of their subordination and ownership.


The Kyiv Medical University has the license from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, series, AE No 527695 according to decision from State accreditation commission, dated 23.12.2014, certifies the right of the Kyiv medical university to implement the educational activity in the following Area of knowledge and specialties of training.

Graduate Courses

+ General Medicine

+ Stomatology

+ Pharmacy

Post Graduate Courses

+ General Medicine

+ Stomatology

+ Primary Post Graduate Training (Internship)

+ Training Foreign Citizen for Internship

+ Training Foreign Citizen for a Basic Specialty



The Kyiv medical university of UAFM is recognized as a higher medical education institute by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, The IMED (The International Medical Education Directory) and The Avicenna Database thus making the qualification offered by the university recognized all over the world.



                                                                                        Fees $

                                           Years          Ukraine  lang.              English lang.

General Medicine           6                  2800 $                           3500 $

Stomotology                    5                   3200 $                           3800 $

Preparatory course        1                   1500 $


KYIV Study Experience

The life of International students in Kyiv does not seem to have any difference from that in other parts of the world. Most of the student’s life in Kyiv is pretty much about studying & staying healthy which helps other foreign students to set themselves at the same environment. Mostly two types of students’ lives in Kyiv: Those who have grown up and live in the city and those who come to study from the foreign countries so there is built-in environment for the students to study here with full enjoyment and dedication. There are footballs, basketball and other sports clubs for students, where they will have the opportunity to get develop with physical strengths.

It is generally believed that students who come to stay in Kyiv have a more secure and comfortable life than other places of Ukraine. There are dormitory houses for students who do not have much of financial strength but it’s a fact of Kyiv that Two-thirds of all students from Kyiv University live in dorms and thus they do not meet the satisfactory yet unreasonable standards of living. Nonetheless, this gives students a way of living independently which provides them more freedom and a way to experience the life of being a student in different ways.


The Kyiv medical University has its own hostel accommodation for all its students. The student dormitory enables students access to a lot of facilities automatically. The hostel becomes second home for the students in a matter of few days where students from all over the world come, live, study and interact.

The hostel is located very close to the educational campus and is a 7 min walk from the main campus and is well connected to all the basic provisions like Metro, Bus stops, Super Markets and other convenience stores.

The hostel also has the following facilities :

+ Laundry

+ Cafeteria

+ Reading room with free internet

+ Assembly hall

+ Male and Female shower rooms

+ Kitchen and separate wash rooms.

The hostel has different types of room configurations and generally the international students are offered rooms according to their choice and convenience.

The hostel also has round the clock security provision for safety of every student staying in the hostel.

Future Prospects

The Kyiv medical university of UAFM will continue to conduct research and training in occupational safety and health sciences. In order to reduce, prevent and even eliminate occupational hazards, we will emphasize an integrated approach, stressing the equal importance of technical, management, and human interaction skills. Our ultimate goal is to promote ZERO occupational accidents or illnesses, and every members of the Kyiv medical university of UAFM is committed to this vision of a better future!


Kyiv medical university of UAFM is sparing no effort on keeping pace with international pace. Our aim is to raise the status of Kyiv medical university of UAFM as a leading institution of teaching, research and medical service and then come up to one of the research-oriented University in by fulfilling President’s ideal of “Teaching Excellence, Innovative Research, Quality Humanism and Social Caring”.

Being the most prestigious institution of medical education in Kyiv, Kyiv medical university of UAFM needs to further recruiting leading experts, establishing advanced medical education system, improving teaching resources, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration in research and inspiring young faculty for research in order to reach our terminal goal on medical education . Kyiv medical university of UAFM has taken up the responsibility of training medical-related students with full-fledged knowledge, skills and competency since we were established. Based on these principles, we develop and promote the advancement of science; to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research; to bild up research on local subjects; to care for underprivileged groups; and to participate in local, regional, national and international medical services. In the undertaking of the above missions, it is our goal to fulfill social duties that the society expects us to do in teaching, research and services.