Bogomolets National Medical University

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.”



Name: Bogomolets National Medical University
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Year of foundation: 1841
Status: State
Accreditation: IV
Document of completion: Diploma
Level of study: Bachelor, Masters Degree, Postgraduate, Doctorate
Students: 13500+
Teachers: 1607+
Availability of free education: No
hostels: Yes

Bogomolets National Medical University



Ukrainian lang.

English lang


General Medicine

6 3300 $ 4300 $  



5 3800 $

4500 $




5 3200 $

4000 $


Preparatory course


2500 $




1840-His Emperor Highness Mykola I signed the Highest Rescript about opening the medical faculty at St. Volodymyr University (29.04 in the old style).

1946-Kyiv Medical Institute was given with the name of the President of Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR O.O. Bogomolets.

1992-The institute was reorganized into Ukrainian O.O. Bogomolets state medical university.

1995-By the Decree from the President of Ukraine the university received the status of O.O. Bogomolets National medical university.


One of the strategic directions in University development is achieving international standards in training of medical, research and academic staff and integration into the European educational and scientific space on the base of Bologna declaration. Bogomolets NMU International activity has versatile format and is aimed at establishment and improvement of international relations and international cooperation of the institution in scientific, practical, educational and other branches by making organizational efforts to form the circle of foreign partners, additional financial resource, creating conditions for cooperation with foreign citizens, educational and scientific institutions, international organizations and funds.

International activity of the University is directed on achieving the following goals:

  • Acceleration of the process of NMU integration into international academic space with saving and further development of scientific achievements and their application to international programmes and projects;
  • Creating conditions for further development and wide implementation of principles and standards of the Bologna process;
  • Consolidation of position on the world and national educational market;
  • Providing an access to informational resources of the best world experience in the field of organization of educational and research work, development of students’ amateur activities, establishment of effective connections with world achievements in the field of medicine and pharmacy, their effective application to educational and research activities and practice;
  • Involving the University to international educational and research projects;
  • Using the international recourses for implementation of educational and research programmes.


  1. O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

                                                                                         Fees $

                                           Years      Russian lang.                      English lang.

General Medicine           6              3300 $                                   4300 $

Stomotology                     5             3800 $                                   4500 $

Pharmacy                          5             3200 $                                   4000 $

Preparatory course         1              2500 $



The medical consulting activity at O.O. Bogomolets National medical university is directed to coordination of interaction between clinical structural divisions of the university and medical preventive establishment in c. Kyiv; implementation of developments by clinical departments into practice; organization of scientific practical conferences, performance of preventive examinations of students, rendering the privileged medical preventive care to employees of the university and members of their families; increase of rating for O.O. Bogomolets NMU, explanation of achievements in mass media; organization of duties for specialists in the system of first field consulting aid in Ukraine; exchange of experience in consulting work with specialists at national and foreign medical establishments, implementation of standards for diagnostics and treatment, which are based on data from evidence-based medicine, into medical practice; development and testing of new medical technologies, development of family medicine.

The clinical departments of the university in cooperation with medical preventive establishments in city Kyiv carry out the significant volume of treatment consulting activity.


Supplement to Diploma of European pattern is one of the documents, implemented at higher schools of Ukraine within Bologna process. The issue of such Supplement of European pattern to student is anticipated by the order from MHC of Ukraine No 943, dd. 16.10.2009. The Supplement is the document, issued to graduates from higher schools of all patterns of ownership and subordination in order to provide the information, necessary for impartial assessment for qualification of higher education, acquired by the person, who received the diploma about higher education. The Supplement is valid only with diploma about higher education. The Supplement is executed in Ukrainian and English languages.

The Supplement to Diploma of European pattern corresponds to the model, developed by European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. The purpose of the Supplement is to provide the sufficient objective information to improve international “transparency” and fair academic and professional acknowledgement of qualifications (diploma, degrees, certificates, etc.). The Supplement to Diploma contains the description of character, level, context, content and status of study, which was made and successfully finished by the person, mentioned in the original of qualification document, to which this Supplement is attached.

A graduate, who used to study due to credit based modular learning, shall do the following actions in order to receive the Supplement to Diploma of European pattern:

  • To appeal to the dean’s office to execute the corresponding document;
  • To fill in the questionnaire in Ukrainian and English (correctly to mention the surname and name according to the foreign passport);
  • To pay for the cost of the document.

The total sum of payment for Supplement of European pattern as of 24, January is UAH 103.20.

The sum of payment may be changed according to requirements of IPS “Osvita” at Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine.