About us

“The purpose of education is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it” 
-Lawrence M. Krauss



Selection of reliable and responsible educational company is a crucial issue for foreign citizens who want to study in Ukraine. Company “SARHAN” LLC is the official representative of a number of Ukrainian universities, academies, institutes.

Our Company is a reliable and efficient partner for prospective foreign students and Ukrainian educational institutions. We inform prospective foreign students about educational programmes of Ukrainian institutions and advantages of Ukrainian education at the international level.

Our Company has an agreement on cooperation in the field of recruitment of foreign nationals to study in Ukrainian universities, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, IT – technology, economic and other areas. We provide to our customers the best opportunities for receiving of quality and reputable higher and postgraduate education of European quality in Ukraine that would guarantee the professional success in any world country.

“SARHAN” LLC is officially registered by Ukrainian state center for international education that is the organization department of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and its official representative in issues of study of foreigners in Ukraine.

Our mission is to provide present-day and quality services in the field of higher education in accordance with international standards, to render assistance to foreign students in solution of every problem, to help and to guide them, to offer them best opportunities for receiving of education of international quality.

We invite foreign citizens who want to realize their dreams and to acquire education of European quality in Ukraine!