“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”
-George Washington Carver

Dear students!
The education plays very important role in our live. It reveals our possibilities and helps to choose the right direction in our life. In turn, it influences the personality formation.
In 2016, Kyiv capital of Ukraine, Javid Jafarov founded “Sarhan” LLC for the purpose of organization and ensuring of obtaining the higher education at these educational establishments. From the very beginning of our activity our purpose is to help applicants in choosing a University and a faculty considering their interests, to provide up-to-date and tru data and represent the interests of applicants during passing all processes ( the university admission, registration, visa and other documentation).
The Ukrainian system of education possesses highly developed system of the higher education. The higher education is ensured by the higher educational establishments, private institutions, scientific and methodological possibilities of the state. In result, today more than 70,000 foreign students are training here from 145 world countries. We will help you to become one of them!
Yours sincerely…

Director of “Sarhan” LLC

Javid Jafarov